Our Mission

Our mission is to advance healthcare excellence with innovative, inclusive, accessible, independently developed, evidenced-based continuing medical education programs that empower healthcare professionals to improve patient outcomes. Our education programs will inform practitioners about their field’s latest medical and scientific advances and increase their knowledge, skills, and competence. Our programming will also champion diversity, equity, and inclusion within medicine.

About Us

Our educational programs focus on the evolving key areas in diagnostics and therapeutics relevant to rare diseases. We emphasize new clinical criteria governing neurological and oncological diseases, updated therapeutics and pathogenesis, rehabilitation, imaging, and the latest consensus criteria on disease classification, diagnosis, and management. Additionally, we explore future perspectives on rapidly evolving therapeutics for difficult-to-treat rare medical disorders.

Through attention to DEI, our programs ensure that they address various needs of academic and practicing physicians, caregivers represented in densely served medical communities, and the needs of medically underserved, diverse patient populations. We recognize the importance of defining a spectrum of voices and perspectives and fostering an environment where every participant feels valued and heard. We strive to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive healthcare landscape by prioritizing diversity.

We are equally passionate about sustainability. As stewards of knowledge, we believe in incorporating sustainable practices into our programs and operations. We minimize our environmental footprint, promoting eco-friendly initiatives and seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations that share our commitment to a sustainable future.

Our faculties, comprised of experts in their fields, uphold the highest standards of accuracy, evidence-based practices, and freedom from commercial bias. Throughout each project that is released, our team will evaluate participant learning, gather feedback, and measure the impact of our programs to assess participant learning. When appropriate, we will also collaborate with industry partners to enhance the reach and impact of our programs.

Integrating DEI and sustainability into our values, we aspire to advance medical knowledge and contribute to a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable healthcare landscape to benefit patients worldwide.